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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Creative Handicraft

Creativity in Handicraft - an interesting team work!!!....

Want to make this pix more interesting? Lets check ur visual quotient... try answering the following...

1. How many hands are present in the pix?
2. How many right hands are used in this pix?
3. How many thumbs are clearly visible in the pix?

good going... seems like u can take more... keep reading...

4. Count the number of left hand index fingers clearly visible in this pix.
5. How many right hand ring fingers are completely hidden?

well im running out of questions... but im not going to give up either...
keep going...

6. How many people have used both their hands in this pix?
(ssshh answer first)

7. no.. im not going to ask this one... u'll not revisit this site...

finally a simple one... last one... answering this ll actually reveal ur VQ to yourself!!!

8. What is this pix trying to depict?

;) tnx for your time... :)

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